Leaders are an interesting group.  By definition, they tend to stand out from the crowd because they think and act differently than others.  In most cases, leaders stand out because of their passion for some particular interest.  People can become leaders because of their passion for inventing, battling, advocating for others, or any of an unlimited number of reasons.  Sometimes leadership is temporary.  You see a situation, step in, get involved in addressing it, and then return to the crowd on the sidelines.

Great leaders are those who have a lasting passion for their area of interest.  They believe in it, live it, and draw others to them who share their energy and enthusiasm.  People follow them because they believe doing so will make a difference and together that difference becomes exponentially larger.

So what are your passions?  What makes you “lead the charge” and make a difference?  As we leave the dog days of summer behind, this is a terrific time to reenergize our day to day activities and make certain that we are focusing our time and energy on the right things.

Take a minute today to think through the interests that get you out of bed in the morning.  How are you feeding those in your life?  Are they in alignment with your daily work?  People know when their leader is intentional and authentic in his/her approach.  Finding your role is the first step in getting others to follow your lead.

Make the time to develop yours.

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