M Financial was founded on the principal that “off-the-shelf” products often do not meet the needs of affluent individuals, families, executives and businesses. M Financial works closely with the nation’s most prestigious insurance carriers and investment firms to develop innovative products with unique features and flexible options that complement the needs and objectives of our clients at Rose Street Advisors.

Proprietary products are a natural fit for M Financial. Together, Rose Street Advisors and other member firms are always looking for better ways to help clients achieve their goals.

Our affiliation with M Financial allows us to offer our clients insurance products only available to the members of M Financial. Rose Street Advisors brings our clients the benefits of M Financial’s success with proprietary products, including:

  • Relationships — The deep partnerships M Financial has with a select group of carriers allows Rose Street Advisors to deliver uniquely beneficial products and services to our clients.
  • Experience — Rose Street Advisors benefits from the deep experience pool of M Financial that reflects the extraordinary mortality, persistency, premium volume, and high-average face amounts of our affluent clients. We work in tandem with M Financial to develop proprietary products priced specifically for these clients. In fact, we have access to 25 M-priced proprietary products, a level of product access unparalleled in the industry.
  • In-force Management – M Financial, together with carriers, continuously monitors the service, experience, and performance of in-force business to ensure that proprietary products continue to be effective. As a result of this level of oversight, pricing enhancements, supported by experience data, have historically been applied to both new sales and in-force business, a principle that is rare in the industry.

M Financial’s collective buying power and improved experience (mortality, persistency, and policy size) result in exclusive pricing for proprietary products available to Rose Street Advisors.