What does a New President Mean for Healthcare?

President Trump was elected November 8, 2016 as the 45th President of The United States. Part of the platform he ran on was the elimination of the Affordable Care Act (known as “ACA” for short, or Obamacare). Now that he has officially taken office, we are anxiously watching how his decisions could affect healthcare. Our team is closely following changes in Washington to answer the following questions…and more. We’ll keep you informed as changes occur.

  • Will Congress be able to repeal Obamacare or deconstruct it through reconciliation?
  • How much affect will the new Secretary of Health & Human Services (Tom Price) have on crafting a revised healthcare policy?
  • Will the employer mandates be reversed?
  • What will happen to the individual mandate?
  • Will the new administration push for greater consumerism in benefit programs (i.e. transparency of healthcare pricing)?
  • If Obamacare is abolished, what happens to the millions of people currently purchasing individual plans on the public exchanges or currently covered on the expanded Medicaid program?

Our team is closely following changes in Washington

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