Rose Street Advisors will work closely with plan sponsors (the employer) to design a plan that corresponds to your company’s circumstances and objectives. Among the services we provide employers are:

Plan Consultation Services

  • Conduct Requests for Proposals
  • Provide plan design consultation
  • Provide plan benchmarking analysis

Investment Advisory Services

  • Consult with Plan Investment Committee
  • Prepare Investment Policy Statement in consultation with plan sponsor
  • Periodically review of Investment Policy Statement in consultation with plan sponsor
  • Create model investment portfolios
  • Analyze of asset allocation
  • Recommend specific investments
  • Prepare of Investment Performance Reports, including:
    • Investment reviews
    • Market commentary
    • Style allocation
    • Holdings allocation
    • Comparative fund performance
    • Fund-specific commentary
    • Monitoring and Investment Reports
    • Peer and benchmark analysis
    • Provide participant advice
  • Participant advice provided by a 3(21) Investment Advisor representative

Define Your Objectives

Each type of retirement plan has its own special characteristics, advantages and disadvantages. In order to define your objectives, it is important to consider the following questions:

  1. Who should the plan cover? Are there specific classes of employees, such as union members or part-time employees, who should be excluded?
  2. How much can the company afford to contribute in either a discretionary or safe harbor basis?
  3. Should the plan be designed to favor any particular employees? I.e., owners, other key employees, older employees, longer service employees?
  4. How important is it to maximize contributions and employer tax deductions? (some types of plans allow higher employer deductible contributions than others.)
  5. Should investment decisions be controlled entirely by the employer, or should some level of participant investment discretion be involved? (Participant-directed investments provide employees with greater personal financial control and tend to reduce employer fiduciary exposure, but this feature may add to plan complexity and expense.)
  6. How important are simplicity, ease of administration, and low administrative expenses? (Low administrative expenses are particularly important to small employers. However, some of the plan types with lowest administrative expenses have mandatory funding requirements and restrictive provisions not found in other plan designs.)

Shared responsibility

Rose Street Advisors will do more than advise, design and manage your company’s retirement plan. We will also share in the responsibility of the fiduciary duties.

As a 3(21) fiduciary, we will shoulder some of the fiduciary burden related to your employee retirement plan. Since we have a vested financial interest in your plan’s success, you can be assured that we will act in the best interests of your participants.

In today’s environment, with increasing participant litigation, as well as increasing audits conducted by the Department of Labor, the value of an expert partner willing to share in some of the responsibility and liability is more important than ever. As a 3(21) co-fiduciary, Rose Street Advisors will work in partnership with you to fulfill all fiduciary duties.